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The Hairy Craw is a hybrid hair jig. We start with bucktail tied short and tight to the jig head for maximum flair, than we add a full tab of silicone to the out side of the bucktail, in this particular tie the hair adds bulk to the jig and the silicone adds color, flair, and action.

These jigs are absolutely deadly in cool water, but can not be discounted during the summer months, usually fished with a slow drag retrieve but also can be swam along the bottom. For a trailer we recommend a Paca Craw during the warm water periods, for cooler water I use a zoom chunk, I trim the chunk into a v and thread it onto the hook for a short compact package that fish can not resist. These are our top selling jigs for a reason, they flat out work!!


These are available in 2 head styles, the football heads have a LIGHT WIRE Owner hook with a very light weedguard, these are designed as a finesse football head, the light wire hook is the best available, it is a light wire hook though and needs to be fished on lighter line with a medium action rod or lighter on 12lb test or lighter. The alien head style utilizes a 3x Mustad flipping hook and can be fished just like any of our other flipping style jigs!

This is our current stock of items, if you do not see something that you are interested in please email me at the address link below.  We at NorthStar Custom Baits have the ability to make many more products then what is listed for sale. If you would like to place a custom order Message me on Facebook or shoot me an Email. Thanks for your support.

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