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Flip and Swim

NorthStar Custom Baits Flip and Swim jig is a very versatile grass style jig, the 3x 30 degree round bend hook allows for rock hard hooksets whether you are fishing the heaviest cover on the lake, or swimming the 1 ounce model underneath a canopy of milfoil!  The Pointy head and swept back weedguard allow this jig to snake its way through heavy cover, while the wide base means your jig isn't tipping over when it  hits the bottom!  These jigs also feature a 60 strand hand tied silicone skirt, 3d eyes that are glued and then epoxied over, and granite like powder paint that is attractive yet very resilient! In testing we did everything from bomb the 1oz model way back into the nastiest pads we could find and swimming it back out, to pitching heavy cover, and swimming around, under, and through all types of grass, whatever YOU do with this jig, we recommend you use a stout rod, heavy line, and hang on, cause the fish love to punish the Flip and Swim!

This is our current stock of items, if you do not see something that you are interested in please email me at the address link below.  We at NorthStar Custom Baits have the ability to make many more products then what is listed for sale. If you would like to place a custom order Message me on Facebook or shoot me an Email. Thanks for your support.

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