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The original, its a true swim jig, lightwire 30 degree Mustad hook, light fiber weedguard. This is the model I use 95% of the time, I have hauled 4-5lbers out some thick nasty cover with these, despite the light wire, the lighter weedguard also does a good job since the resistance of the jig is basically nothing. The main advantage to these jigs is they stick fish alot easier, the lightwire hook penetrates and the weedguard is of little resistance when a bass inhales the jig.

The original features hand set epoxied weedguards so the jig runs true, they run through weeds very effective and bounce off cover, the jigs are powder painted and receive a very tough epoxy coating to protect the 3d eyes, the skirts are handtied with wire and are tied thinner than your average jig to help them slip through cover and run true!

This is our current stock of items, if you do not see something that you are interested in please email me at the address link below.  We at NorthStar Custom Baits have the ability to make many more products then what is listed for sale. If you would like to place a custom order Message me on Facebook or shoot me an Email. Thanks for your support.

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